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Hi - I'm Caitlin. Photographer and owner of ProProductions which is located in my small hometown of Waunakee, Wisconsin. The many different pathways I have traveled in my life have greatly influenced the passion I have for my business.

From a young age, I really enjoyed creating things - anything that would let me express myself. In high school, I signed up for as many art classes as I could to give me the creative outlet I was constantly looking for. I've also always had a huge love for sports and participated in golf, basketball, and softball all through my high school career.

As a freshman in high school, I also signed with Ford Modeling Agency. It allowed me to work with some of the nations top fashion designers and photographers all while traveling around the world. As a model, I gained a lot of exposure to some really great creative minds, but it wasn't until my senior year in high school when I took a photography course that I started to develop an interest in being behind the camera instead of in front of it.

By the time I graduated high school in 2008, photography had begun to take on the role of my creative outlet. I was pleased to find that it was something that fit perfectly into the chaotic lifestyle of a model. Whenever I was home I would attend my younger brother's lacrosse games to photograph him and his friends enjoying the sport they loved, which gave me the link back into the amazing world of sports. It was then that I officially decided that sports photography was something I would enjoy doing professionally. I made my first business card, built my website, and attended my first baseball tournament. To my complete delight, I found that people were showing interest in what I was doing and from that moment, I knew I was going to be having a lot of fun making my business grow.

It was after this point that I really started paying attention to the lighting and photography techniques that were being used by the professional photographers I was working with as a model. I started to gain knowledge of the art of photography and began making attempts to apply new techniques to create powerful portrait images of my own. I became fascinated with the many processes of creating portraits and really began to focus on creating expressive portrait images with lots of personality.

Not long after graduating, I decided to start taking classes for graphic design at MATC in order to explore and challenge my creativity further. Graphic design coupled with photography has really shaped my business and how I approach projects.

My business was growing faster than I ever expected so in 2010 I opened my own photo studio and later in 2011 I made the decision to dedicate more time to my photography and design so I left Ford to see just how far I could take my own business. With the little bit of extra time I had without all of the traveling, I picked up a fast pitch softball coaching position over the summers in Waunakee. I believe that sports can teach us many great lessons in life and give us opportunities to find confidence and greatness within ourselves - it doesn't matter what age or level of competition - and that's why my sports photos rely on two simple goals - to capture peak action and those special moments when sport becomes more than just a game.

I consider myself blessed to have found so much success in life. I recognize how fortunate I am to have a career that is also my passion and I am very thankful to all those who have supported everything I have been trying so hard to do.

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